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Finesse, sweetness, openness, and above all, light. This painting by Sandra Froher makes visible and tangible the feminine energy in its deepest nature.


“The creative force which inspired this piece is an exploration of the ‘Mystery of Motherhood’”, Sandra Froher explains. “The creation of life is the beginning of the eternal mother, an expression of unconditional love and compassion”.





The colors speak on their own.

Red: the nourishing blood, the blood of life.

Light pink: unconditional love and benevolence.

White: fragility and enlightement.

Feminine energy embraces all these qualities. This artwork depicts not only the particular ‘sense of She’, but also makes it feel: it actually conveys the harmony blessing all creation: the womb symbolises the space where to lay down, where to surrender, fully welcomed by an unconditional love for all that is life.


“Inside the gift of life the new mother begins to question all that she knows as she experiences a full body, mind and spirit evolution, which will change everything for the rest of her life. ‘I am home’ speaks about the relief of suffering and burden when we return to a safe and restful haven as a full cycle of life”, Sandra says.



Beyond motherhood, this painting illustrates a spiritual work about finding this space of unconditional love within oneself. This is where Sandra Froher’s work is so deeply spiritual. Her painting represents this very place of healing, of blossoming and of being born – again -, that everyone can touch deep within. Mother’s love, nature nourishment, feminine acceptance, is also in oneself.



Sandra Froher states:

“In creating ‘I Am Home’, the layers on the canvas represent the many layers of the emotional journey to creating a soft and peaceful place that we can call “Home”. The motion of the sweeping gestures speaks to the ever present business of mother as a nurturer, forever moving to provide a sanctuary for her family while eternally modelling the power and impact of softness and compassion.
The curious observer might look with wonder to question the enormous feminine power required to create both life and home for all the world”.

Be home to yourself. Be the loving mother to yourself. Cherish yourself, give yourself love. Create this sanctuary where you feel safe, secure and unconditionally loved. Just connect with finesse, sweetness and light. Let Life be there within you. This is Love. You are Home.


“I am Home”, Yupo paper, ink with alcohol, 20 x 32 in, 2018.

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