“I approach each canvas to feel a deep sense of freedom & connection to divine energy. This is the place I call home”.

Sandra Froher was born in Terrace, British Columbia, descended from a Grandmother who was an artist, she lived with her mother, father and 3 siblings, a family of creative musicians. Art and music was celebrated daily in her early life and was always encouraged as way to express freedom and have a unique voice in the world. As a very small child, Sandra remembers loving being alone and quieting her mind to create and reflect. “In the aloneness I can hear truth”, she says. Having a high sense of awareness to her surroundings and feelings allowed Sandra to discover the voice for her intuitive dreams. As a natural born artist she would dream in vivid colors and shapes that evoked a strong sense of emotion. From a young age, Sandra Froher discovered her life long pursuit of longing for something more.

Throughout the years, her expressions of art have evolved in many interesting ways. A life long artist, she began her journey by sculpting her body into a world class champion athlete, eventually channelling the energy through her body onto the canvas to describe what she calls ‘energy art’. Her art has now evolved to focus on abstract work with more room to express freedom. As she begins to understand her life through art, she is searching for alignment with source.

Today, Sandra Froher still longs for time alone and even welcomes the feelings of loneliness. With a weird fascination, she invites the feelings of loneliness to speak to her and explore the hidden truths to be revealed each day. She feels that when you are alone you are less self conscious and this frees you up to pursue creative impulses.

Sandra believes living a simple life has helped her listen to messages that inspire her work. She lives on the West Coast of Vancouver Island British Columbia where she cherishes her daily walks to the Ocean with her husband and 3 dogs to reflex and feed her soul.