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Welcome to Shanqa, a path through art and beauty.

Shanqa gathers artworks from all horizons which are selected on account of the very special vibrations they present. Discover our selected artists and let their artworks open your soul.

Our vision of art.

Shanqa selects art that breeds positive emotions and opens your being to harmony and perfection. Back to the source.

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Warm up your heart

Passion, energy, joy, gratitude spring from the artistic connection with a higher sense of wonder.

Synchronise with universal harmony

Music and vibrations work like a flow which empowers you and enhances your emotions.

Awake your inner self

From film to literature, dance to photography, art speaks to your spirit as an insight enlightens.

Vibrate with cosmic energy

By expressing the deep bound between human beings and their environment, artworks ground us back to Nature and its forces.

“Each individual act and manifestation of creativity, whether it is in music, art, or poetry, or indeed in the moments and unfoldings of scientific discovery, as many scientists have described, arises from a mysterious ground of inspiration and is mediated into form by a translating and communicating energy. (…) Is this why certain works of music and poetry, and certain discoveries in science, seem to have an almost infinite meaning and significance? And would this explain their power to guide us into a state of contemplation and joy, where some essential secret of our nature and the nature of reality is revealed? (…) I’m thinking of a great work of art like a moon shining in the night sky; it illuminates the world, yet its light is not its own but borrowed from the hidden sun of the absolute. Art has helped many towards taking a glimpse into the nature of spirituality. Is one of the reasons for the limitations of much of modern art, however, the loss of this knowledge of art’s unseen sacred origin and its sacred purpose: to give people a vision of their true nature and their place in the universe, and to restore to them, endlessly afresh, the value and meaning of life and its infinite possibilities?”, Sogyal Rimpoche, The Tibetan Book of living and dying.

Discover and explore

Music, images, video, text : Shanqa offers a wide exploration through all kind of arts, from sound to melody, from painting to photography, dance  and literature.

Meet artists

Shanqa tells you more about the artists we love and makes it easier for you to contact them, produce them, exhibit them, meet them for real and buy their works.

Celebrate art

Artworks can enhance a sense of wonder and connect us to the essential. We help you to promote them through our website, networks and publications.

Create events

What about somewhere to connect with your inner harmony and be guided to a state of  joy? Shanqa works on events with the same goal: open up your soul.

Get ready for the journey

Shanqa opens for you a path through art and beauty back to universal harmony

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