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A song to spread peace, compassion and love, like a healing balm.


About two years ago, Helena Louve feels called to meet Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, better known as Amma, who is considered as a saint in India.

Amma is a contemporary spiritual figure of India, whose Claude Lelouch’s film “One Plus One” recently showed the ‘darshan’, this embrace that she gives to every person in the assembly who comes to receive it. Founder of the NGO “Embracing the World” for humanitarian and ecological purposes, she travels the world and has taken over 33 million people in her arms.

It is during one of her visits, at the Zenith of Toulon, that Helena Louve received the Darshan for the first time, this powerful embrace of love. The heart opened by this Grace, she also receives a melody and a few words: Helena composed a song for Amma and its World Foundation. Its title “Embracing The World” contains the love for each and everyone that Amma transmits, as Helena Louve says:

“Through this song, my wish is that the essential message of peace, compassion and love that Amma teaches will be spread on the planet, like a healing balm.”

Because each individual carries within himself the whole universe, the embrace of Amma honors the totality we have within ourselves as well as the singularity of our being.

Helena‘s song is full of this love bestowed, of that state of pure childhood with which the Darshan of Amma allows us to renew, and from this same impetus, offers it in music and lyrics. The artist multiplies and transmits the moments of grace that life gives her and embraces the world in her waltz.

A few months later, Helena Louve had the great joy of interpreting this song with Amma and all those present at the Zenith of Toulon on 7 November 2016.

Song recorded at Studio LVL Musics.

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