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“Energy of Love” could be summarize with very simple words: “I have found you, it’s been a while”.

Sandra Froher does not seek to know where her art is going, her process focuses on listening and trusting that her inner guidance has a message for her to deliver. “As I let go of systems of thoughts, she says, I realize there is a world bigger than the one we know and I begin to allow the unseen things on a vibrational level and call those forth”.

“Energy of Love” could be summarize with very simple words: “I have found you, it’s been a while”. As Sandra Froher states:

“Love is the energetic aura that connects us to other living beings and the universe around us. We are all interconnected, all part of the same divine brilliance that created the infinite cosmos. The energy of love is what keeps everything in the Universe in a state of pure balance and harmony.”

When she is in creation, Sandra Froher allows the process of becoming. There is always a feeling of two worlds transcending, the presence of female and male energy mixing to become one. Sandra develops meditative paintings charged with vibrations that are marked by the spiritual worlds that cannot be seen. Her work transcends feelings and vibrations taking one to a place that can only be experienced on an eternal level. In this painting, she imagines love as two souls finding each other, coming from both the eternal world and the physical plane, meeting together as if to say “I have found you, it’s been a while”.

“When we are in touch with the feeling of love, she states, our energy vibrates at the highest frequency”. That is also what we are in touch with by connecting to Sandra’s artwork: games of transparency and light, superposition of clarity and shadows, of blue and pink colors, indeed mix and elevation are there, as though each stain was coming to this highest and brightest impact through the presence of other colors, melting and wrapping around. This painting brings about a softness which feels like silk: fragile, light and empowered at the same time. While meditating on the energy of love, Sandra Froher envisioned the contrasting colors and the dream like flow to focus on the lightness and magic of love. To quote the artist: “My intention is to bring the viewer to a place of unity and totality, where love is found in deep embrace and two souls merge into One.” The shapes within the painting indeed bubble to the surface as if they are organic in nature, floating together to join as one.

Look at this ‘Energy of Love’ with Sandra Froher’s colors, you will slowly get immersed in a tender ocean to dive into and simply surrender.


“Energy of love”, Yupo paper, ink with alcohol, 30 x 40 cm,  2016.

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