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The album ‘Flow’ is the second collaboration between hang players James Winstanley and Daniel Waples. The composers present it as “a flowing organic soundtrack for yoga asana and inner practices”.


The hang sounds in themselves bring about tranquillity and calm in the mind. By capturing the attention of the listener, the hang melody puts the thoughts aside and takes you into a musical journey. Even more, in this unique album, the composers enhance ancient Hindu mantras with different instruments, voice and inspiring rhythms which kind of synchronise the body and the mind to a deeper sense of being. In that, ‘Flow’ is no less than a way to arouse a meditative state and eventually spark off freedom.

“Sam’s dance”, one of this album track, played with James Winstanley is a hymn of joy. The two musicians recorded a video while playing together in rural India, at the foot of a huge banyan tree, in the middle of a smiling crowd, making so clear how fluently the flow of Life goes through their music, how much harmony it spreads, how liberating it is, to be in touch with this dance.

Such simplicity, and yet, such power, “Sam’s dance” is about sharing, caring, being a human in the light. Tuned with the moon and the sun, the trees and the ocean, just letting Life overflow.



From “Flow”, released November 23, 2014
Hang – James Winstanley
Hang – Daniel Waples
Composition : Winstanley



Meet Daniel Waples Meet James Winstanley

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