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This “Fruit of Life” was born from the meeting between Davide Swarup, a hang player, and Erich Lehna, a guitarist, when they played together for the first time.

They met in March 2016 and it was the beginning of a collaboration which will give birth to the new Arambolla with the French violonist Julien Moretto. The meditation concert was recorded in Goa.

“Nothing to watch, nothing to understand or analyse.
Just sit back, close your eyes, listen and enjoy as much as we did playing.
And don’t forget to breath!
Take your time. That is what we do when we play.
Breathe, listen and play”.

These were the opening words before the concert and its three parts begin. The musical style is a fusion of Indian classical music and western jazz which creates this contemporary new acoustic sound of Arambolla and makes it so universal. The three parts are indeed as a human journey within, the journey of Life as a celebration: breathe – be connected to the infinity of the Now; listen – be open, receptive and fully aware to the Harmony coming from outside; and play – celebrate the Joy of being alive, connecting the inner and the outer world. This concert consists in an hymn to Life, an expansive and festive one, enhancing its wonder and its simplicity. Breathe, listen, and play. So one can enter a new dimension. The “Fruit of Life”, in sacred geometry, is indeed considered as a portal to a shift of consciousness. 12 principles end to a 13th sphere, in the very centre. Here is where all can happen: within. Beyond the sounds and the music, Silence, the secret language, creates a brand new world into which the audience is slowly guided. By a deep listening and a full awareness into the here and now, this silent concert is a chance to open one’s soul.

“Silent concert with Sindhu Fleri, guiding the audience through meditation and be present”.
1. Breath 32:56
2. Listen 13:10
3. Play 28:16

Illustration: ©Laural Virtues Wauters, “The Fruit of Life”, avril 2013

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