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"Far by Feather", Louise Richardson

This piece of work sounds like a door to open into our childhood and our imaginative world. What about letting go of heaviness and rigidity and fly on a feather up to the air?

With everyday objects that Louise Richardson hoards, the artist creates a story tale and brings us back to our own emotions: there is something undeniably ethereal and melancholic at the same time in her artwork. Furthermore, the natural material she uses conveys a strong elementary dimension: hair, eggs, feathers, butterflies, shed snake skin, become a medium, in the several meanings of the word: strictly speaking, they are channels to another world, or more accurately, channels which lead us back to reality. Not only do they make us aware of the beauty of Nature but, through this wonderment we experiment a state of friendship and tenderness with these natural materials.

The idea of storytelling is very important, taking everyday objects and creating tales. “Far by feather” uses the ordinary and turns it into magic – where anything is possible – including flying. Scale and materiality don’t matter and animals and humans coexist on the same level.

Louise creates shoes, dresses, books, artworks that are actually so close to us in our everyday life. They work as a reminder of our inner bond with Nature and open up a feeling of huge gratitude and humility.

Let’s find back the child we still are in our heart and let magic come over our mind.

“Far by Feather”, 30cm x 30cm, 2009.

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