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Naad Nidra

2017-10-13 @ 18:00 – 20:30
W Block, Greater Kailash I, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110048
Rs 500
Stephanie Orace
Naad Nidra @ New Delhi | Delhi | India

Naad Nidra is back! This second lying down concert experience offers an immersive feeling of listening to music while lying on your Yoga mat. Close your eyes and tune in to the sound. An inner experience follows and opens up a radically different way to listen and relax.

Glenn Louvet is a sitarist, percussionist and throat singer. His love for Indian music brought him to New Delhi, where he teaches both music and Yoga for over a decade. Suchet Malhotra is a multi-percussionist and music producer with a vast library of percussion and wind, ambient sounds, and native instruments. Together, the two musicians started performing in 2004, debuting at the Embassy of France’s World Music Day celebrations at the Garden of Five Senses. Since then, they have performed at concert spaces and live stages all over India in duo and as members of the percussion ensemble Temple of Drum. Notable appearances include the Delhi & German Government’s Yamuna-Elbe initiative by the banks of the river Yamuna, a performance on “Lost Traditions” by Katha at the India Habitat Centre and at the Peace One Day Festival in New Delhi.

Both bring sensitivity, a wide repertoire and a love for harmony and silence; together then, their music becomes compelling, engaging and effortlessly listenable. There is depth, but also humour. There is virtuosity, but also space. With over a decade of playing together, the two friends blend their music together like it was just meant to be. Enjoy the now while taking in this concert lying down so you can relax completely, and immerse yourself in the music and the experience.

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