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‘Meditation. Balance. Art’. You will find these three words on Michael Grab’s website, as the core elements of his art of balancing the stones.


Let’s first remind that gravity is the only “Glue” that holds these sculptures of rocks. Making this amazing art come true demands deepest patience and dedication.


With this radial arch made in Boulder Creek (Colorado) in Spring 2015, the balance looks even more magical. On his website, Michael Grab explained how he came to lose the small pebble and eventually found it back the day after. He was sure this special one would perfectly fit in this unique composition. That’s why he was so desperately looking for it. Indeed, how well it matches to the second round stone and elevates it to the center! The art of balancing stone may definitely appear like a magician’s skill as the sculptures sound incredible. Michael Grab often claims that the first thought people have when seing his balancing stones is: « there must be a trick, maybe some glue somewhere »! His art for sure demonstrates his amazing skills. Michael pushes his talent at the fullest. However, as he says, it has nothing to do with magic. It is all about connecting with the power within. In that, Michael Grab’s work brings up a beautiful message: human beings have the ability to create whatever they want, as soon as they get rid doubt and wrong belief in their mind. The key for him is in awareness. Amidst chaos, movement and disturbances – which the river’s flow clearly embodies as the scenery for Michael’s sculptures -, there is a place of entrenched calmness, the « zero point or silence » within oneself to quote the artist. Thoughts, filled with rationality and doubt, are obviously defied but have to be overcome: beyond the rational mind, beyond what we think is or is not possible, there is a room for free expansion and expression. Here is the place from where Michael Grab finds the balance for the stones he chooses, observing their every sides and shape, feeling their vibrations. The ability to fully exist, to breathe, to be in the present, here and now, is a condition sine qua non.

In that sense, balancing the stones is all about life: experiment, learn how to relax and release stress, play and play again, challenge the mind and the possibilities, go beyond and open oneself to a continuous dance with nature.

This radial arch sculpture, with these two beautiful white stones in the centre, perfectly balanced, is an ode to nature, its flow, its beauty and an ode to human beings when they are one with its dance.
Credit photo ©Gravity Glue. March 2015
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