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« The very best part of me acknowledges and blesses the very best part of you. »

Shanqa is the result of my journey through life and questions. As a student, then researcher and teacher in Literature, I have been connected with the infinite power of art and creation. However, many years of studies, instead of giving me answers, have deepened my inquiries and feeling of lack. Thanks to great meetings, philosophical readings and intensive practices like taichi, yoga or Reiki, I have become aware of the power of words and images, emotions and thoughts on our inner being. Shanqa was born from this very ideal: creating a place to raise a positive energy and to balance the whole being.

Wish you a great walk.
Take care.

Shanqa’s founder and director
Selector of artists and artworks
Copy and chief editor
Creator of artistic events

Get ready for the journey

Shanqa opens for you a path through art and beauty back to universal harmony

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