Helena Louve, in Greek: “shine of the sun”, listens to her soul and spreads all her rays where joy calls her. She is a singer, author, composer and actress.

At the age of 15, she goes through “a sudden death of the infant”. Her great-grandmother takes her in her arms, applies holy water and gives a few prayers. She returns to life. This miracle that was told her much later in adulthood enabled her to better understand why, without religiosity, she felt already carried by a faith.

And if that day she was saved thanks to love, Helena is convinced that everything is possible through and with love.

Singing has always been a part of her and she naturally becomes a chorus and bass player in her first pop band, Idolem, then a singer, songwriter and bass player in pop-rock band Poc. This adventure would be made of trips and sharing with French bands like Dolly, Noir Désir, Miossec, Daran, Eiffel, No One is Innocent or Daisybox.

Hence her solo project with a first concert in Rome and her music becoming more and more luminous. At the same time, Helena is also an actress, a pupil of Jean Lalaude, National Instructor Theater at the League of Education (UFOLEA).

After a year’s training in Bordeaux at the “Théâtre en Miettes”, she gets her diploma as a Sociocultural Animator Specialized in the Theater and acts in numerous plays by contemporary authors. After an experience as a practitioner in natural health and Iridology (Regenerative Training), she now fully deploys her activities in art.

All journeys, readings and meditations, are traversed by the sacred character of life, which, as a woman of the sun and the wind, she dances and sings. In a spiritual quest for truth and peace, Helena invites us to taste with her the beauty of the universe.