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A Mystical Benedictine nun, an Abbess, a visionary, a healer, a composer, a poet and a prophetess, Hildegard Von Bingen was an important figure of the German 12th century, whose writings and musical scores was an important figure till today.

Alain Guillon paints the vast majority of his pictures after meditating to music or inspired songs in order to nourish his inner silence and what he calls his “vibrational song”. In this article he shares his discovery of Hildegard Von Bingen and says how the voices of silence are a source of inspiration in his painting.

I discovered the existence of Hildegard Von Bingen by purchasing a small booklet collecting poems of mystical women of the Middle Ages. As usual when I have no more books to read, I head off to the shelves of a bookstore. I need a book, or several, but I don’t know which one or which ones. So I search until a title or a cover catches my eye more than others. It is a first link created with the “treasure” sought, and when I take the book in hand, I feel (or not) intuitively that it is the one that will meet one or some of my expectations. There is like a soft and warm energy, which passes from the book to my hand, which confirms to me that this choice is the right one.