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The magic atmosphere of Ilari Tuupanen’s picture has something very special. Distinctiveness mixed with some accurate details brings out a feeling of strangeness, even more strange that there is not a touch of fear. Quite the opposite, the balance between the tree and the moon conveys a strong harmony, as well as the aura of light around them gives to the viewer an amazing sense of peace.

It seems like we are floating in the air, over the quiet water as in a dreamlike night. The picture is also about a visible loneliness, that hides a deep invisible presence all around.


Ilari introduces for us his picture, part of a series called Foggy Nights:

“The Foggy Nights serie is gathered at nightly rowing and fishing trips. Usually fishes stayed in the water though. In autumn the nights are bit chillier and darker, so there’s a lot of fog sometimes, and also the stars are visible and looking amazing. Since every night is different and the view changes, I usually photograph the same islands many times. There’s nothing special behind these pictures. Just rowed to the waterfront and pointed the camera toward a lake or a swamp. Nowadays the technology is so advanced so it’s possible to disclose many details. It’s so interesting to take photos in pitch-black and see the results from the camera. I have plans for excursion destinations for winter. Aiming to shoot northern lights, of course.”

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