“And the journey is still on the move”.


According to Momo Sanno, the process of becoming a dancer is a never ending one. As a child, he was exuberant, running, jumping, using his body in every activity he was given. At 10 years old, 6 months after the communist regime fell in Romania, his family and he moved to a different part of the town, forcing his mother to find him another school. She came across a newspaper where she read about the out coming audition for the School of Arts that was reopening after being closed for years. Well aware that he liked moving and dancing, seeing him glued to the screen when the ‘Blue Moon’ on Romanian TV presented short moments of dance with a company from Berlin, she asked him to go to that audition. The very idea of ending up dancing like the dancers he saw on TV made him jump miles high. He went to the audition and at that moment, he entered a different ‘world’, a world that, as he says, up till today he keeps discovering and learning about:

“in this space, inside the dance, I keep discovering my self more and more and I recreate my persona. Through the art of dance, I seek the perfect me. The man, the dancer, the artist”.

His home town Galati was where he learnt about dance for the last three years of High School. Then, he moved to the capital Bucharest and after graduating from High School, he obtained a scholarship in Stuttgart. He studied at the ballet John Cranko Academy for two years, then started working with the renowned Disney’s Musical “The Lion King” in Hamburg. Since then, he has been jumping continents and cultures, styles and techniques to discover “his dance” and to give life on stage to stories in which he truly believes.