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We love artists and we are devoted to artistic promotion. Shanqa would be delighted to know more about you and your art and to consider collaborating with you. Let’s open up together! Send a message to Stephanie.

Cultural professionnals

Either a gallerist, a manager, a curator, a museum, a cultural organisation, you exhibit or produce artists. Want to share your passion for them? Just knock here. Shanqa is at your disposal and would welcome your ideas!

Medias and sponsors

Journalists, producers, redactors, editors, bloggers, sponsors are most welcome for any proposal. It will be our pleasure to work with you and create together a thrilling exploration of art and practices that magnify our souls.

Shanqa is on a mission to celebrate art that gives joy and reconnects us to Harmony. You enjoy the selected artworks and artists? Consider making us a donation to support our mission and events, raise our impact and spread good vibrations further.


Celebrate Art

Through your donation you strengthen the energy on this path through art and beauty. You can support an artist, an event, an entire festival, an artistic program.


Spread Shanqa’s Mission

Contribute to Shanqa’s impact. Your donation will help Shanqa to communicate on a larger scale to reach more people and open up their soul!

Radiate with Shanqa

Artwork and artists can send light and bliss to the world. Let’s join the move and give them support.


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    We welcome kind words! Feel free to share with us any thought or feeling you have while visiting Shanqas website. We will reply with great pleasure. Looking forward to reading you!

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