“I prefer to put my faith in humanity instead of imaginary gods”.


Gonzalo Bénard is not a regular or technical photographer, he is an artist who works on several media, including painting, drawing, photography and writing. There will be a time that he’ll go back to sculpture as well. His education was always towards fine arts, history of arts, literature, sociology and philosophy.

To quote him, he is above all a humanist, following buddhist philosophy.

What he creates used to be his way of expressing himself, choosing the means that he finds more appropriate for what he needs to release. All his works are driven by a same question: who am I? what is “being”? As such, more than ever, art here is related to a deep, strong and sometimes difficult experience of life. Even more, it sounds like the artist has rescued the man, for this is through his artwork that Gonzalo found a way back into life and eventually recovered a sense of harmony with the world. Gonzalo Benard’s creations bring out strength, which stems from his personal history and his particular perceptions of reality. In that sense, his art leaves no one indifferent, it can disturb and upset. Suddenly reminding us of what is our true nature as human beings.