“There is a lot to express with music, my goal is to find our very nature and real self”.

Fatima Gozlan is a globetrotter free spirit and a multi-talented artist: percussionist, flutist and vocalist.

Born in Russia in a diplomatic family and grown in Hungary, Fatima started playing the flute at the age of 12. She turned towards acting when the 4 walls were too narrow for her and she left Hungary for travelling. In Egypt, she found one thing meant to be for her: becoming a professional percussionist. She became a disciple of Egyptian percussionist Khamis Henkesh. At the same time, her obsession for flutes became stronger and stronger: she studied through her trips to Turkey, India, Senegal and Gambia and mastered the ney.

Her style is inspired by the sounds and beats of African and middle-eastern tribal music. She plays several kind of reed flutes, such as Arabic and Turkish ney, Indian bansuri, Bulgarian kaval and Egyptian kawala percussion instruments, Fulani African flute, Hungarian and Bulgarian Kaval and the Bansuri, and also plays derbuka, the Persian tombak, bongo and cajon, all very spiritual instruments with which she composes as part of healing music for yoga, meditation and trance dance session.

Fatima Gozlan has been playing with great names in showbusiness like: Okay Temiz, Ayman Mabrouk, Fathy Salama and many musicians from all over the world.
She collaborates with different kinds of musicians from Jazz to electronic music. Her main collaborations are with ‘Brooklyn Gypsies’ and ‘Arambolla’.


  • 2011: 1st price in Folkbeats talent contest (Budapest) with ‘Meszecsinka’ band