Acoustic fusion. Finding Oneness through music.

It all started in March 2016 when guitarist Erich Lehna and Davide Swarup met and played in Goa for the first time. The journey then went on with violinist Julien Moretto, flutist and percussionist Fatima Gozlan and Constantin Kayatma on electronics. Highly influenced by Indian music and spirituality, these 5 talented artists explore the path where the flower of life blossoms, where sounds become one, where souls find oneness.

‘Arambolla’ is not just a great band with talented musicians who perform beyond all your expectations. There is a special and unique beat within this musical collaboration, its core, its heart: Davide Swarup’s hang. This steel pan, often said to have magical properties, becomes a magnetic and inspiring instrument when played by Swarup. Rather than a collaboration, Arambolla is much more a connection, put together around the Hang.

  • Fatima Gozlan is a globetrotter, a free spirit and a multi-talented artist: percussionist, flutist and vocalist.
  • A sound producer, Contantin Kayatma combines acoustic instruments with modern electronics.
  • Erich Lehna is a traveller between worlds: he developpes a unique style of guitar playing based on world fusion.
  • Julien Moretto is a French violinist who rediscovered music in its essence during a trip in India.
  • World star musician, Davide Swarup the pioneer of Hang: reveals through his compositions the power of the present moment.

On the stage here are not only 5 musicians, but open hearted beings, driven by music as an art of living and sharing.

For the audience, Arambolla unfolds the magic of life.