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The only thing that rings so true… There is no me there is no you.


Noam Blat is one of these artists who touch the soul with their thundering authenticity. When he is on stage, his guitar in his hands, making us a present of his voice, the present is also his heart, a present that he makes to those he meets in everyday life, be it a friend, a close relative or a stranger. His concerts breathe. In front of the microphone, here is a human being, fully open to the beauty of the world, deeply touched and carried by existence. His experiences, his inner richness, all that life gives and takes back, all that expands and nourishes him, is put forward in his lyrics, as much as his music and his voice itself.

His music is above all a human adventure, a path that has brought Noam back to the essence of his being after a tragic event that upset his life. “I found solace in what came the most naturally – making music”. Moreover, this tragedy he faced may have given rise to the path of pacification, both external and internal. As he says, “I was being shown a reality in which the infinite potential for love and compassion inherent in us all prevails, a home where life is cherished and compassion is a possible paradigm”.

His first album, The Wind is filled with this pure energy of love which Noam embodies as a person. Its nine songs convey “a state of wishing for healing and peace”, to which Noam Blat was brought by the power of surrendering. His words are enhanced by his own energy and his voice: they are just so true. Nothing to hide or alter or cover up: the artist speaks from the bottom of his heart, about what life has taught him and from this very openness comes the beauty of his voice, of his presence, of his words. Hallelujah is one of his track whose lyrics speak to the soul:

“We made in through another night
And slowly move towards the light
A brand new day to live in full
We’re still afraid yet feel the pull
And in our minds we leave the past
Sometimes we find it hard to trust
The only thing that rings so true
There is no me there is no you

The lies we’re told have kept us blind
Yet love was always there to find
Let’s close our eyes and sing out loud
Yes we are free, we are allowed
To leave the past behind
Walls are only in our minds
Tonight a million shooting stars will
burn across the ancient sky
A million blazing wishes falling down
We’ll stand on two sides of the same fence,
Let’s say a prayer

A dawn is rising and in its light
all our beating hearts unite.”

Noam Blat’s compositions are no less than blessings of wisdom and the genuine simplicity of the heart.


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